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We only love truly once. it is the first time and succeeding passions are less uncontrolled.

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(sent by alice on 16/09/2010)


Heartbroken sent this on 27/02/2011, 09:52

Baby y u have to leave me i cant bare this anymore baby come back cuz u my everything nd i love you forever

Romana sent this on 12/11/2010, 09:57

I love u cedric u r my life

naveed sent this on 17/09/2010, 18:47

I miss u my love

dkd sent this on 17/09/2010, 07:07

Plz swt hrt come back.... i love you....

my swthrt(dhiren) sent this on 17/09/2010, 05:38

I love u more den myslf.u r my evrythng.

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