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I was thinking on how to start loving ,until i get you and loved you so i stop thinking.

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(sent by joseph omondi agwambo on 29/07/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 04/08/2011, 09:15

I wants to be with you in everyseconds...pls dont leave me alone anymore...without you near i feel to think fear and cry come with me everseconds in my heart and my eye...u r my beat in myheart..i want to cry with your shoulder without anyfear..i wants to hold you cannot heal this pain without you near me i cannot live without anymore u r my heart...i wil care you like child and my eye i cannot live without you anymore ur my only own....pls dont leave me alone anymore im not healing i want to getting marrying you you are my everything and i will be for you thats the im ur everything pls dont leave me alone i love you:{im longing you i love you da:{i cannot live without you...i wants to be with you evrysingle ur nearly i cantgetawayfrom you

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