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Every1 wnts 2 b ur sun, 2 put light up ur day, i'll wnt 2 b ur moon, 2 bright ur darkest hrs when d sun have 2 rest. happy nu month. get d best of success in 7everal folds. i've prayed it 4 u.

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(sent by sammie on 01/07/2011)


Edwin sent this on 04/07/2011, 01:58

Evy1 wnts 2 b ur sun,2 put light up ur day,i'll wnts 2 b ur moon,2 bright ur darkest hrs wen d sun have 2 rest.happy nu month.get d best of sucess in 7everal folds i've prayed it 4 u

kun kun kun sent this on 02/07/2011, 02:12

My point.I want like to marrying you becos i cannot live without you.would u will are being for my mother and my life partner.

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