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I remember the first time we kiss

i remember the first time you told me that we will be like king and queen.

i gave you all i have.

i gave you my heart.

i gave you respect.

i gave you love.

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(sent by ronda on 15/06/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 20/06/2011, 10:01

I love you.I want see ur cute smile till the end of my life.i have to tell you i want to touch ur hand.i want be with you all the time touching love my care my feel never goes away from me till the end of my life.

kun kun kun sent this on 20/06/2011, 07:24

What u r trying?xxxx its my feel its my love:{im not able to living lonely i hug and kiss you everseconds of my life i hold you everyminute of my life.i want live withyou.

miesha sent this on 20/06/2011, 06:29

I really remember the tie i hugged my boyfriend he said 'no touching boys '

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