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A lover is a man who tries to be more amiable than it is possible for him to be.

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(sent by abiy on 04/06/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 08/06/2011, 10:58

my dream about you my care about you

i need you

i love you

i want you

i care you

i longing you

i alone:{

i love you i love you

kun kun kun sent this on 08/06/2011, 04:34

I was dreaming still I dream im seeing one beautiful flower in my dream we all know that even we give money we are not able to buying that flower in dream...still she is my dream...thats the way my life is going but she is my life becos im wake up...i want live with her...i need her i love her.....

kun kun kun sent this on 06/06/2011, 07:24

Baby im always love with you and longing you but by mistakes may only destroy me evertime..i cant getaway frm you:{i need you i want live with you..i want hold you. i have to learn a lot in my mistakes i cnt getaway frm you..i need you i wnt to touch you i love you so much i need you so takecre of you in like my eye...u r my dream is so beatiful growing in my heart i need you

ibitoye kehinde sent this on 06/06/2011, 07:10

Having love affiars is not a crime so who ever u love make sure you love him or her

natasha sent this on 06/06/2011, 03:54

I love him like so much my love he is my true love he is my dream boy i need him i want spend my whole life with only him

kun kun kun sent this on 06/06/2011, 02:00

I dnt know what to do i dnt knw what is right what is wrong...but she is only my care she is only my love...she is only my dream..i want to live with her...

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