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Heart can skip a beat for a while, memories can be kept in the file, desert can be replaced by the nile, but nothing can stop a smile

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(sent by prince of hearts on 02/06/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 11/06/2011, 03:34

My heart longing you:{

kun kun kun sent this on 03/06/2011, 02:55

Pls kill me da im not able to living:{:{:{:{:{ im unknowingly mistake i really dontknow anything that time..after my texting only i understand da im not living pls kill me da i cannotgetaway from you..pls burn me da im unknowingly mistake i need you i cannot livewithout you im really unknowingly mistake my mother promise i cannot live with out you:(pls understand me da after that only i understood now im not able to living i need you my herat need you i cannot live with out you...i need you im not able to doing anything pls mercy about me i love you so much my dreams are so beautiful in my heart..i need you i realise past two days im not able to imagine life without you...i need you im unknowingly wrong with you da i cannot getaway from heart is crying evrymilliseconds of my life my love my care is everymilliseconds increasing with my mistake i need life live with you im really misunderstnding move with you da i cannot able to anything my hand is beating in my heart tell me die soon.i cannot live without my feelings my longing my love are increasing everyseconds of my life im realise i cannot live without just think simply about my mistake...becos im after that only realise...when im realise still my heart lomging to you my heart need you my heart need you my eye seeking you after that only i realise ur text da baby kill me da i want to live with destiny is may be real i need you or i need to death i need u so much:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{

kun kun kun sent this on 03/06/2011, 02:01

Baby im unknowingly wrong with you im touch ur feet for my unknowingly mistake...i cannot live without you i really understand nothing that time when im realise still im my heart is longing to death..i cannot live with out could you understand me accept me???? pls im not able to imagine that my mistake i need you could you accept me pls:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

kun kun kun sent this on 02/06/2011, 10:47

Our dream and our relationship still so young pls dont leave me alone:{i need you i cannot getaway from you i dont mind for about my life because u r my life...i need you pls dont leave me alone.keep smiling

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