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True love is like a powerful perfume because its difficult to hide.i can't deny truly loving you.i love you till i die

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(sent by aare eustace oluwatosin on 22/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 23/05/2011, 11:34

I love u too.pls listen u should understad u r my love.u should know u r my life.u should know u r my soul.u should know u r my future.u should know u r my everything..i love u.u should know im longing with u everysecond of my life.if u r not for me means what can i do?:(:(i love u till the end of my life...i love u too.i want like to live with u and ur arms.we both head together i have a lots of dream about u.u r like a child for me...i care for u da:{:i love u just think u like my pillow everyday...i love u so much i wil love u till the end of my life.i need u

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