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You re d love of my life clestus,dere is nultin i can do witout u by ma side,u tot me how 2 b strong,wit u i knw i wil b strong no 1 has eva touch me lyk d way u touch me,in a such a life time it just me nd i luv u more dan words cld xplain:'(

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(sent by becknisa on 13/05/2011)


aliraza sent this on 16/05/2011, 02:39

Baby i want like to kisseas in ur necks..kisses in ur lips

kun kun kun sent this on 15/05/2011, 09:34

I really love u da baby

kun kun kun sent this on 15/05/2011, 09:30

Baby i have lots confusion i have lots of troubles becopz i cannot get away from u...just relxly seeiong my more words to explain my care wil take care of u like my is my heart??my eye is going to be dark and seeing heart beat is risen with ur love for u is not like a shirt...u r only my love...i love u so much...i cannot live without not able to living with ur distance i need u..i need u ilove u so much...i love u so much...ur memories only staying in my not able to explain my feelings and how to tell and how explain with u i dont know but i never mistaken for anywhere and any time..ur love only im wil always doing...i love u so much...i dont how to explain feelings and whatever im knowing english im combinig with through text i love u so i love u so much baby

kun kun kun sent this on 15/05/2011, 07:41

I really love u i love u so much i need u so much i need ur care till the end of my life i love u very much..i need ur arms...i need ur hands with my holding..i love u so much...i cannot live without u....i dont know im having confusion which people look like like me message with there...u should know im not...i love u so much.. ineed care...ineed ur arms...i need ur not able to get away from every seconds of my life...i cannot live without u..i love u so much da..i cannot stopping thinking about urself i love u so much i never doing mistake...just understand myself..understand my love i love u so much...i really love...i love u da so much:(:(please understand self i love u

kun kun kun sent this on 14/05/2011, 11:36

I love u so much:{

kun kun kun sent this on 14/05/2011, 05:09

I love u so much

kun kun kun sent this on 14/05/2011, 00:48

Im sory da.dony feel da.just think our love we both having happy..i love u so much eye is me another eye is u.if u cry im wil drop a take care of u like my eye..i dont know how to understanding with my feeling with u how much u important to me in my life..i love u so much.i remember ur face when im see ur face still that face only staying in my eye.i love u so much.i love u so much da.i need u so much da..ineed ur arms..:):)ur heart beat is safely in to is my heart da??i love u so much.i need u so much.dnt feel.u should come with my personal wil take care of u like my eye:):):)how is my heart da???ur love is the destination of my care.ur care is the destination my love.i cant living without u...u r mixing in my soul da.i love u so much.i want to marry u.ur heart is safely in to me.. how is my heart da?????i love u so much???

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