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Everynite i sleep... am thinkin of u honey i dont know how 2 tell my story about u but am sure u are reading my heart...that i love u

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(sent by junior on 06/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 08/05/2011, 06:21

Im not able to living baby i cannot digest anything im unknowingly wrong with ubaby i love u so much i need u so deadly love with u...when im mistake still im killing baby i love u so muchim unknowingly wrong.if u r not how im living im realise baby..i love u so much i love very much im sorry for my mistake i love u very mouch im sory for my mistakepls calling me again baby...i love u i neeed u very much pls try to understand myself..i love u so much

kun kun kun sent this on 07/05/2011, 02:50

Baby i love u:{:{:{:{:{now im missing u... i need u most now i need ur care now baby i love u

kun kun kun sent this on 06/05/2011, 10:09

Baby i understood u r sacrificing everything for me not ur something nervous in my side...i feel like u r sacrificing ur love thats the reason...only im confused... my baby here after im wil take a right desion in my life baby i miss u every second of my life

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