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Set a place in ur heart and not ur mind for mind is easy to forget but di heart alway remember.dat wat has happen to u.take care find someone dat is better than me.but don't just give in so easy ok .

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(sent by mellicare on 02/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 04/05/2011, 09:43

No one in the whole world calling me baby except u...i love u.:{:{:{:{i dont mind for anything u also loving longing to ur love...:{ u r my love.

kun kun kun sent this on 04/05/2011, 05:52

My love is never change but u r seeing others side and mis understandingme thats it.i really love u..i want to know do u still desire about me?still u r in love with me now tell me baby:{:{:{i love u..once tel me baby with throughg comment

kun kun kun sent this on 04/05/2011, 05:33

Ok im cemently set a place in my heart not my mind...i never doing mistake its a happening after that only i realise and im not able to capacity to gap between u...thats the reason only pushing u u understand my english and u understand me and accept me?.im deadly love with{ i dont know smartly texting.just understand my text and me baby i love u:{

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