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What if tomorrow never comes,wuld you ever know how much i love u or wuld you choose to forget what we had and move on with some-one else?we've just crawled to the nearst love shop and we found each other,i love you and you love me so why shuld we let the stop signs in life stop us when they were never ment for are my life yesterday i was no-one but today i'm somebody at the end of the day i can honestly say...i'm truly in love with you.!!

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(sent by tshiamo masilo on 30/04/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 09/05/2011, 09:46

Whenever im thinking urself its ur face,ur care..whenever im seeing beautiful things its ur memory come with me...i love u so most of the time hurting me i see ur love i understand ur love...i love u baby..u r stay in my eye in my life...ur thinking only...i need ur voice...i need ur care til the end of my life i love u.

kun kun kun sent this on 06/05/2011, 05:25

Now i read ur comment im not able to understand....what u r telling me??why u ask im sori...tell me frankly thats the way i wil follow my life baby i love me what should i do??? i love u

Becknisa sent this on 05/05/2011, 16:58

I dont knw if i ve offended u my love,i just knw dat i luv/miss u clestus u re d only luv of ma i am sori i luv u dis much 2 sacrifices everytin 4 u.luv u teddy

kun kun kun sent this on 04/05/2011, 02:22

What should i do?im not able to capacity to ur get away from u i miss u every second of my crying only convince me.:(:(:(:( i cant digest any thing.i need u..what should i do? i dont how to sending message here.if u r reply my comment means..i wil reply comment.. im wil never sending message here...but comment only i me pls still u r desire about me??still u r love with me..i dont words but u r making me crying wherever im going whatever im doing...i dont know crying only comes with me.i want to know. i love u so much still ur love with me?? still u r desire about me??

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