Romantic Tips

Meet in the park for a picnic.

(on 11/01/2009)

Leave a trail of rose petals through the house, leading to a romantic candlelight dinner.

(on 12/01/2009)

Surprise your partner with tickets to a special event.

(on 13/01/2009)

An unexpected hug can brighten any day.

(on 14/01/2009)

Throw a just-because surprise party for two.

(on 15/01/2009)

Make a list of the top 10 things you love about your partner.

(on 16/01/2009)

Go camping together and only take one sleeping bag.

(on 17/01/2009)

Be the first to say "I'm sorry" and kiss and make up.

(on 18/01/2009)

Give each other a full-body massage.

(on 19/01/2009)

Make angels in the snow for her/him.

(on 20/01/2009)

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