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You're my everything; Without you I'm nothing.

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(published on 19/10/2008)


Mook sent this on 04/08/2013, 04:20

As in all good Indian families (the fareths side), I was really looking forward to choosing the right man for Vanessa. A man who had a heart full of kindness and care, a mind full of adventure and exciting times and the flexibility to be both sensitive and strong depending on what the situation needs. But, typical of my VV she went and found him herself. manifested him actually, but thats another story.We all love Tom and his family and we are so happy that he has made the wise choice to love, honour and cherish the most loyal, loving and special girl who taught me unconditional love and I dare say has amazed Tom with the depts of her love for him.Congratulations, I love how you care for and love each other truly an inspiration. This (stress free) wedding is about how much you love each other and the special people that make up your lives, I cant wait. From my heart to yours, Mummy xx

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