Love Poems

Courtney Kuchta Poem

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth o... Read more

(on 14/02/2009)

Sad but True By Nikki R. Wagers

My eyes filled with sorrow,
my heart an empty place,
your touch, smile and beauty,

can only feel that s... Read more

(on 15/02/2009)

To the True Romance by Rudyard Kipling

Thy face is far from this our war,
Our call and counter-cry,
I shall not find Thee quick and kind,\... Read more

(on 16/02/2009)

No Romance sold unto by Emily Dickinson

No Romance sold unto
Could so enthrall a Man

As the perusal of
His Individual One
'Tis Fictio... Read more

(on 17/02/2009)

A Love For All Time by Dawn Choike

Breathless kisses
Burning touches
Soft-spoken words of love
Urgently spoken words of passion.

A man... Read more

(on 18/02/2009)

Wild Nights

Wild nights. Wild nights!
Were I with thee,
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile the winds
To a heart in port
Done w... Read more

(on 19/02/2009)

My Sweetheart by Jonathan Townsend

So often when I am embracing you,
It seems that you exist in this world
only because of me and I exist ... Read more

(on 20/02/2009)

Beating of Hearts

.thump thump, thump thump .
One heart alone, makes but a single beat
A sound so low and incomplete
A heart all alone, w... Read more

(on 21/02/2009)

Jenny Kissed Me by Leigh Hunt

Jenny kissed me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in;

Time, you thief, who love to get
Sweets i... Read more

(on 22/02/2009)

Love Rules The Court by Sir Walter Scott

Love rules the court,
The camp, the grove,
And men below, and the saints above,

For love is he... Read more

(on 23/02/2009)

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