Love Messages

I love you from the bottom of my heart. Be mine forever..

(on 03/09/2008)

You mustn't lie to me my love. Even if you lie to me, You're my love.

(on 04/09/2008)

The corner of ur heart is the place i wanna hide soul 4ever.

(on 05/09/2008)

Last night I sent an angel 2 watch over u while u were sleeping but it came back early! So I asked it why? It said that angels don't watch over other angels!

(on 06/09/2008)

In today's date there is only one thing that can't be bought and sold. We call it love.

(on 07/09/2008)

A flower is loved 4 its beaty,a bird 4 its melody,honey 4 its sweetnes,a rainbow 4 its colours but what is in u is more than all.

(on 08/09/2008)

F:Filed Of Love!
R:Root Of Joy!
I:Island Of GOD!
E:End Of Sorrow!
N:Name Of Hope!
D:Door Of Understanding!
Thats U my FRIEND

(on 09/09/2008)

Two things in life which r more tragic than death...
1.Ur love loves u and u dont know it
2.Ur love dont love u and u know it

(on 10/09/2008)

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