Making Marriage Work

Let’s face it, we can only hope to make the marriage last. If you believe that the marriages that you see on TV or in the movies are real; then you are in for a surprise. In real life, couples really exert extra effort to make the marriage work. Successful couples are not chasing rainbows and just fall into marital bliss. They genuinely work on making the marriage last.Here are six helpful tips that happy couples do to make that love linger.

Build the love

So you are really in love. You feel the fire within you and think that this could go on forever, well bubble bursting aside; you are definitely in for a surprise. Couples that start their relationship anchored from their genuine love for each other will have more chances of being able to build a lasting relationship. A study shows that a sustained loving feeling ensures that you will not burn out from the relationship. Couples who understand that love evolves will tend to be more successful in making their relationships last the test of time.

Communicate effectively

Expressing your feelings and understanding where your partner comes from is a hallmark of a lasting marriage in any dictionary. You need to effectively express your feelings and be able to listen. If you think that you can just sweep the issues under the rug and see it magically disappear well it doesn’t work that way. Prolonging the agony can lead to more injury to the relationship. Remember that effective communication not only means being able to express one’s thoughts and emotions clearly. But, it also means being able to listen and be more sensitive to your partner’s verbal and non-verbal cues. Furthermore, effective communication also reduces your risk of suffering from stress and anxiety from having relationships with the opposite sex. Let it be known to both of you that communication is an indispensable thing in every relationship.

Don’t take everything for granted

This is the worse move that you can do to your partner. It is so ironic to think that you take some things in your relationship for granted and you still hope for a successful relationship. Make sure your partner knows and feels that she is appreciated and tell her how important she is. Of course, telling is one thing and proving it to your loved one by showing it in your actions is also another significant thing that can make a difference in your relationship.

Do great in the sack

Just because you’re married it doesn’t mean that you need to hold back on sex. Don’t take sex in marriage for granted. Sex should be shrouded in love and make it interesting because you will be stuck with your partner for the rest of your lives. Enjoy each other’s company. Most of all, you and your partner should highly regard the sacredness of lovemaking in your relationship.

Don’t be selfish

It may sound easier said than done but selfishness do occur too often in marriage. It can cause damage to the marriage. Selfishness erodes the opportunity to experience happiness in a marriage. Remember that the moment you were married both of you are already regarded as one. Whatever you do, always take into consideration the feelings and the decision of your partner. When you always consider each other’s feelings, selfishness can easily be put aside.

Don’t nag, please

Nagging is the best way to make the marriage turn sour. In fact, nagging is the perfect recipe for disaster. It goes without saying that criticism is important in a relationship. Make sure you deliver the criticism in a way that would not wear your partner out.

Every marriage needs help and how you play your part is essential to keep the love alive. Remember in every problem there is a solution. If you find a snag in your marriage try to be open to make the union last. Successful marriages are able to deal with issues in a healthy way. This way couples are able to cope with the stress and anxiety of the union.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.

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