Shiny and Glowy Skins are not impossible!

Most times you do not know how this happened - even more rigorously as the ritual of cleansing, toning and nourishing with adequate nutritious foods. But stress, sleep deprivation and lacking necessary vitamins and fatty acids can lead to the appearance of skin damage, and your overall appearance has become a tired, denoting exhaustion.

These unwanted changes are often associated with the action of harmful ultraviolet radiation that endangers collagen. This will cause not absorb light and its reflection - one of the causes of the appearance of aging.

Fortunately, things can be remedied. I do not think we need to talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, at least two liters of water daily, getting enough sleep and exercise. Beyond all this, however, secrecy is the skin's natural exfoliation and hydration. It is understandable: removing the layer of dead cells from skin surface will help to shine as a result of regeneration of cellular structure in depth.

After exfoliation, you might want to apply a special serum to moisturizing and do not omit any facial masks that have this effect. It is good moisturizing that products contain vitamin C, which is known as the glow effect and at the same time, it is a powerful antioxidant. It will therefore be a protective barrier against stress, pollution and cigarette smoke.

Summer is approaching? Use lotions!

And for all that summer is approaching, you can sometimes use self-tanning lotion, which while also have moisturizing properties. This kind of product will give you a healthy and prosperous part - at least until it regains the natural one! Take care!

Of course it is a very important your makeup. In this situation, you should opt for shades of pink derivatives, such as your skin will look bright and natural. Never skip the blush, because his contribution is significant.

Also, you can use and "shadows" of orange. The texture of the products will be creamy, not matte.

In this context, remember that you have an invaluable ally: powders in several colors! They combine tones of pink, lavender, beige, brown, gold - imagine what you would get if combined would be balanced with a big brush? The trick is to find the perfect shades for you, some such products are designed for final finishing, others for the cheekbones, temples or base of the nose.