How To Treat Your Skin to Have Beautiful Skin

Indeed, summer is a splendid season: you can dress more casual, go on vacation, tan ... But approaching the hot days, also draws some trouble - especially if you live in a big city: sweating, hypersecretion of sebum, pollution are only some of these negative aspects. And yet, you can be as beautiful and fresh, flawless complexion, if you follow some simple rules. A problem you could encounter refers to the appearance of mild (but very annoying) eczema on the shoulders, back and neckline, there is no need to scare you, your skin is simply unprepared for the meeting with the sun. It must be stated that this situation could be avoided if you religiously use a sunscreen with high SPF (the first phase, 30, until skin adapts). But if this happened, abundant moisture is a reliable friend. At this stage, it is contraindicated to use exfoliating, as this would lead to a worsening of irritation. Manicures and pedicures should be impeccable. Sometimes you can have an unpleasant surprise to find that toenails have lost their natural color (maybe because you used too often dark paste?). Appeals to a beautician or even a specialist dermatologist and not delay: the problem did not arise overnight, and reasonably speaking, you can not expect to disappear immediately. In terms of hydration, it is advisable to opt for products with smoother skin texture and easy, which contain oil and will give the skin a silky aspect throughout the day. You can also opt for spray products. Apply it immediately after showering, the skin slightly damp, so that will be absorbed more efficiently. It is best to avoid perfume. Exfoliation is very important, especially if you want to tan. Choose exfoliating enriched with nutrients or natural fruit extracts. When you exfoliate, give extra attention to elbows, knees and heels, that is, areas where the skin is generally a little harsh. Beyond these recommendations, the protection is the most important aspect and role is invaluable - both for beauty and, especially, for your health long term. You can opt for the zinc based products, it creates a natural barrier of protection from the sun rays. Apply it at least 30 minutes before going out. If you have very pale skin, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, and if you really like to sit in water, choose a waterproof sunscreen