Have you heard last week about the foods that promote the appearance of cellulite, but you miss about the problem. In addition to food, here's what experts recommend for effective treatments! The appearance of cellulite is closely linked with genetic factors, hormonal, food and lifestyle related. When we come into the world we have a constant number of fat cells, but "if we are fattening, increases the volume of these cells, not their number. A fat cell can increase the volume to 50 times its original size! This accumulation compresses blood and lymphatic vessels, leading to fluid retention and toxins in the tissues and gaining the appearance of orange peel skin ", added the specialist. Do you agree with me that we need to do something to get rid of cellulite? Do not cry because it is there and there, but try to make your program as to not complicate your life very much, but you keep it as long a period.

What are the weapons for treating cellulite?

* Healthy eating * Massage and skin hydration * Plain water * Exercise * Alternative therapies. Therapies which experts say are effective

1. Phytotherapy

Consists of infusions of cherry, corn silk flowers, hawthorn, meadowsweet, juniper, anise, birch buds and leaves. These have the effect of draining tissues, combating tissue infiltration, edema, with beneficial effects in prevention and treatment of cellulite.

2. Cellulite cream

Specialists recommend to include ivy, celandine, chestnuts, caffeine. Read the label on the back of the cream to get information about its content and the integrated plants.

3. Cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is a very effective solution for cellulite. Benefits of cellulite massage performed by a specialist: * Stimulates circulation and venous pressure; * Stimulates removal of toxins from the body; * Deplete fat; * Decreases body circumference; * Improves skin appearance by improving oxygenation at this level.

4. Baths with mineral-rich seaweed

If combined with argiloterapia, chromo, Bach flowers and sports can be an effective means of prevention and combat cellulite.

5. Mesotherapy

According to Dr. Ardeshir Vahidi, a physician specializing in plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery and cosmetic surgery, mesotherapy is increasingly used to treat cellulite. Therapeutic substances are introduced by means of syringes or using a syringe pistol. The bite is barely noticeable adminsitrarea manual. The main advantage is that orange-peel appearance of the skin improve after the first meeting. Therapy with a proper diet and exercise go a long time to maintain results. Other methods that are used to treat cellulite are: ozone therapy, body peeling, sauna and reflexology.