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20 Jun, 2010

To My Beautiful Babe

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it was in the beginning of sept of 2009,when i meet u the girl that change my whole life not like any other life, like many people say u change it upside down turned it and twisted it all in one with ur smile.. it was a smile that made me feel different, a first […]

No one knew the feeling of love that happens in their life, but i have understood how the love will remain still up to future. Its my love story, which started in 16 of my age. I get mad to get her, no one just predicted that i will gonna propose her. I thought she […]

19 Apr, 2010

School Lovers

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it was 2007 when i joined APS DK(school). that time i was in 10th when i met her(priyanka). we both rarely talked to each other and were not even good friends either but on 24thdec07, clearly remember that day coz it was a beginning of a new chapter in my life which would continue forever. […]

13 Apr, 2010

I stiffened when I saw him

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I stiffened when I saw him. My toes curled, my knees weakened, my heart throbbed, my world stopped. Oh, how I loved and still loved him. We used to be lovers. He was mine. Yes, was. We’re through, but still friends. That is one of my greatest mistakes, because I can’t get over him, even […]

It was ma first day into ma new academic yr. Being promoted 2 a new n a different class i was a bit nervous 2 find all new mortals sittng n walking 360 degree around me! We had three lectures n were gifted wid a break 2 hang out our tiredness,me still nervous decide 2 […]

I was with his best friend when i meet him he move to the house of my bf cause its his 1st time in manila. I always saw him in the friendster cause he is my school mate. I love his bestfriend really but then suddenly i felt i am missing him every time his […]

07 Dec, 2009

hmm… yes i love him!

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we are classmates.when i first enter to college i was afraid about college life…even i did nt talk to boys also…….after 1-2 weeks our class is divided as 2 batch for practicles.we were in same batch.He used to talk with me in lab,and he helps me taking my observation notes….After dat we become friends..his friends […]

I met this lovely kokolet(beautiful girl) at one extra moral lesson which i attended when i was seeking for my admission into the higher institution. I didn’t like at 1st sight cos of her intonation though she was and still intelligent.i started falling in love with her the 1st day she took me on a […]

It was a fine saturday afternoon and took a walk down the lane of the lover’s park. i met this guy, our eyes gazed into each other for some minutes. then my body felt cold. A sensational feeling hit my body and i felt love instantly. He might have felt the same too and came […]

I met him on the internet. we became friends and later realised we were in love. we dated for some days but later i realised he wasnt caring for me as i cared for him. i was scared to loose him because he had stolen my heart. Then one day he said to me ” […]

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