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I want to see u every second... i want u here by my side

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(sent by Tunde on 04/06/2010)


deena sent this on 01/05/2011, 05:45

Love is a beautiful understanding between the boy and they love each other cant express in words.if u think 1second about our lover time will steals ur love by thinking.

alex sent this on 19/03/2011, 13:27

Love is a pain no doctor can xplain it tuckles the heart and affect the brain.

dianne sent this on 03/02/2011, 10:00

Knowing that he still love me more each day is enough to make me happy ;)

mostofa sent this on 07/09/2010, 19:43

Love message

annie joe sent this on 22/06/2010, 09:46

2luv smbody its realy gud but 2 hurt the 1 u lovely da most its real pain 4 both of u after smtym u observ of bein also hurted

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