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Martha i used 2 col queen of my heart and we used 2 share our heart 2gether, talking and smile. but now since we broke up it feel like im trap in a dark hole and no 1 is there 2 try 2 me up and make me free. plz where ever u are plz try 2 think of me or our luv as u know i didn't hurt u since we meet and we were great 2gether plz make me free just give me a col i mic u and i hope u mic me 2. anyway i wont 4get our luv we were having a special gift 4rm god antile devile trap our luv or destroy it. god maybe with u where ever u are! take care honeybounch. i will always think of u. thax darling meet me in my dreamland there i will hug u kiss u wish u a gud future.

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(sent by joseph skosana on 05/12/2010)

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