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Finding you was second greatest thing,but loving you was the first thing.

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(sent by mogeni bonface on 27/07/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 03/08/2011, 05:02

I would like to make sure to you myself i would like to remeber the things until my life itself and this distance our Anniversary day is 31.5.2011.i floated and kissing you in my dreams i cannot live without you are the beat in my heart i would like and ask you im not understand untilthis life thats the way you gave me the sure for me this distance between you and me i love live for you...

kun kun kun sent this on 02/08/2011, 06:25

My hand in urs.ur kisses are im having.i love you im just living with your breathing l love you(my wife)our dreams are young...u r my heart and my child.i love ur everything in the life.

kun kun kun sent this on 02/08/2011, 05:32

U r my heartbeat and my breathing i will never try to leave you:(im not able to getaway from you(my wife)i hug you.u r my soul.i love you and im fear to living lonely:(

destiny sent this on 01/08/2011, 08:25

You are the apple of my eyes.please do not leave me

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