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If love is a wine den i know am drink with urs.if love is but a hard drug like cocaine den i know am now a drug addict.where can i get a cure,no where bcus already am addict

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(sent by robinson pj on 17/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 18/05/2011, 09:34

Hi yesterday ur come in to my dream u r wear a bag and ususally ur specks look like very pretty and so beatiful and somewhere u r see me then come here to me then u r saying to me hi how are u?then 2 minutes calm finally told to me good bye this dream happening in early morning i wake up in to my tearful morning hereafter save my tears with every month one time face wash.i hope u r doing.u can do it.

robinson PJ sent this on 17/05/2011, 16:02

If love is like a sea or the ocean i know i will never go tasty,but if love like me, and u(Gorgous K.C)den the word love will be like the first garden of eden.

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