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When i sleep, you're sweet good night save me from fragile

my life moves around you, when you say i love you

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(sent by yoursweet on 03/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 07/05/2011, 07:20

Baby i miss u so much da:{baby:{:{baby:{:{ baby:{:{

kun kun kun sent this on 07/05/2011, 05:10

Baby yesterday what im doing something nervous in my self with ur sori and sacrificing the love that making nervous in myself before that in explain my feelings but after that im reading ur comment that making me wrong..and u should dont mistake myself thats the reason im only pushing u baby do u understand myself now i need ur care i need ur understanding...i need ur love baby i love life is going the way like ur love and my nervousness..ur thinking only making me happy..ur face only stay in my eye..ur smile only give me the kindness..i need ur care baby u r the only one human u r loving i want like to sacrifice my whole life for ineed ur care now...i need ur calling me baby...i need ur help...i love u baby i love u so much...ur love is main point of heart.ur love give me tears,ur love give me smie ur love give happy now ineed ur care with ur if u r careless with my mistake means whatever im doing whatever i doing means i want to like to death.

kun kun kun sent this on 07/05/2011, 00:42

Baby i need ur care.dont try to kill me for my ilove u.ur love is the point of my heart.i love u teddy

kun kun kun sent this on 07/05/2011, 00:32

Baby im in truly with u but my every msg but now i having unknowingly mistake.yesterday night i feel like a death bed.dont kill me for my unknowingly mistake..i have already heal that pain my love is too i love u now i need ur care and ur understanding abt my self.u r the only one person loving im telling i im sacrifices everything for i need ur care i love u

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