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When it seems everything has gone wrong, ur smiles restores back my happiness because u are the reason why i exist.

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(sent by emeka on 29/04/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 02/05/2011, 06:53

I have already foundout somepeople knowing my love..if u r sending message here means i dont know that people look like me message with u..thats the reason and drawback for the my love success is too long and far away from me.i want like to being success my love thats the reason only i telling u every time for ur stop messaging here..that is the main reason for u wil exist.some people look like me message with u..this is the main reason.i want to like to success my love.thats is reason im telling u pls stop messaging here.when im fall in love with u till today im missing u.u also too far away from me.U SHOULD KNOW SOMEPEOPLE LOOK LIKE ME MESSAGE WITH U.i love u.pls existing and stop messaging for our hja

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