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Continue to be the great guy you are, and spread that beautiful smile across your new hometown.

i wish i would’ve really known you.

with love.

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(sent by susie on 11/11/2010)


Tari dudu sent this on 14/11/2010, 02:05

Luv is a music that oly d player both d player nd d listener feels d rythm,it comes like a wave in d ocean dat oly dos in d canoe get d's sweet like honey,dat u get to if it's real wen u taste's like beauty dat oly d beholder sees.luv is beautiful oly if we kno wat real beauty is all about,bcos it's like an unrefined gold, dat we it's refined u si d beauty,love is sweet,show it,feel it,make d nxt pson knw u av it.cos it's an hidin treasure u need to unveil.

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