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Can i live with you?

am ready to walk with you

i will give all my best

to make you first not thirst

i will try all my best

to avoid you from being vex

my mind is constant

from unexpected circumstance

i will always show endurance

so as to manifest our alliance

i will always put you forward

in order to proclaim our accord

some purpose are plain

as you believe my purpose is certain

without any stain

i will put you on top of the world

as i promised to treat you like a lord

but not like a dog

you are my saint

from the beginning up to date

you are my soul-mate

that is specially made and state

just trust and lean on me

in order to save you and i from need

never look back

backward never, forward ever

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(sent by arunjay saxena on 05/09/2011)

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