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When i first saw you, you took my breath away.

when you first talked to me, i couldn't think.

when you asked me out, i couldn't respond.

when you touched me, i got shivers all through my body.

and when we first kissed, i floated away in my dreams.

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(sent by ammulu at 11/07/2011)

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kun kun kun sent this on 12/07/2011, 11:03

My all the comments are im not able to understanding ur telling that time thats the reason only i have to express everything even now im understand pls be care me like ur child i love you so much i cannot live wihtout you:,{i wanna marry you and finally telling to you u r my everythings:,{

kun kun kun sent this on 12/07/2011, 09:47

I will tell to you here and everyplace everyseconds im will living the life for you and im will marry you and u r my everything and u r my life.and i love you.

kun kun kun sent this on 12/07/2011, 04:39

I want to be with you everyseconds of my life i will not able to anymore to accept the pains i need an answer im not able to living lonely and im not able to judge the things what happening here....would you like to marry me?i love you..i want answer..

kun kun kun sent this on 12/07/2011, 03:37

I tell to you...our soul is two but our dream,feel is one keep kiss and hug me every hour of our day...our dreams are young so young...i praying everyseconds of life we will staying together....i would like to live with the one who accept me as a prince i love you so much i cannot live without you i cantgetawayfrom the everseconds............

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