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My baby..

you are the only one person i want to be with for the rest of my life and i wanna grow old with. i love you.

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(sent by martin on 04/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 06/05/2011, 04:54

Do u miss me?????

kun kun kun sent this on 06/05/2011, 01:08

Im wil takecare of u like my eye...yesterday night im sleeping in air not my writing in thousands of poem in air...with ur having ur two material for ur memory with ur hand writing with ur name...really miss u...when wil u calling me again baby im longing to missing u i cannot get away from u miss me?in my life first time yesterday night i hear many songs make me happy and perfectly matching with all the words for me with ur u miss me?????im doing missing too melting with ur memories...i love i love u so much...i want ur love is longing to u love.i need ur care.. i need ur voice i need ur arms with my sleep...ur sweet memories and ur love only im reason to confident in my life...ur love only making me me a perfect man and happy reason to living bcoz ur love i love u.i need u so badly love with u miss me???

kun kun kun sent this on 05/05/2011, 05:30

Baby i love you.

kun kun kun sent this on 05/05/2011, 05:28

I want like to nearly with u everyseconds..i want like to hold ur hand..i love u...i want like to gift for u...i want like to say i love u with infront of ur cute face.i want like to give flowers...u r my treasure...i love u..i need u.i miss u do u miss me??

kun kun kun sent this on 05/05/2011, 02:33

I love u love for u is wil never die when u hear my death news that day only my love is death.i really love u.i miss u every second of my life u understand my longing to ur distance between u and me??? i miss ueverysecond of my life. ilove u.

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