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My Love by Tasha Shores

My love is like an ocean
It goes down so deep
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep.

My love is like a river
That will never end
My love is like a dove
With a beautiful message to send.

My love is like a song
That goes on and on forever
My love is like a prisoner
It's to you that I surrender.

Category: Love Poems
(published on 05/02/2009)


mamba sent this on 01/05/2012, 14:02

I Love this poem its full of love

Kenny sent this on 10/09/2011, 06:35

I love it, it shows that love's real

Mahin chy sent this on 09/08/2011, 02:12

I like this poem

Constance Tetteh Wayoe sent this on 13/02/2011, 18:54

There are a million stars and a million dreams, you are the only star for me, the only dream i dream sent this on 10/01/2011, 18:58

It's very interesting & marvelous

Nana Qwarteng sent this on 04/01/2011, 10:12

Nice idea

A K A Dino sent this on 26/09/2010, 02:55

I like this and it very interesting.

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