Love Poems - 4

Dreams by Jessica Ann Trimble

I dream of your touch while you are away,
I dream of your smile all through the day,
I remember the day,

You came into my life,
I dream of the day I will be your wife.

I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you,
I dream of the day I can say I do.
To be your wife,
To be together for life,
Is a dream I have,
Every night.

Category: Love Poems
(published on 04/02/2009)


Annabel sent this on 19/03/2011, 17:04

This is so touching and romantic, i love it keep it up

Marina sent this on 08/03/2011, 15:14

Thanks to your poem that I know now what my answer will be when when the big day will come thank you

tshepo sent this on 17/01/2011, 07:15

This is a sweet and touching poem it made me say i do to the love of my life

FUBARA TONY sent this on 04/10/2010, 07:34

This is really touching to the soul.... i love this

jenia sent this on 18/09/2010, 13:37

It is a heart touching poem.

ramya sent this on 14/07/2010, 09:46

It brings out the true love through an imaginary dream

EMETOONJOR SIMON sent this on 29/06/2010, 18:27

Just had to let you know... you're the best! I love you!

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