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Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship.
It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

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(published on 02/09/2008)


david sent this on 10/04/2012, 15:28

I luv love

RatiBoy sent this on 17/08/2011, 15:45

It's Hard to find the right person love. but all i know is love is heart. and trust with out that No Love.

justin wade diaz sent this on 14/07/2011, 00:21

Love is to cherish, love is to be whole, love is above all evil that lives in your soul.

Love is to be kind ,gentle and tru, for if you don't love then your blind to the truth.

So I if you understand what im trying to get out , then you know true love and what is about.

Its meant for life and nothing else, no reason or explanation can keep it from coming out. : note: you may use this poem but don't try to steal it because I've already copyrighted it thank you

jumell navarro sent this on 03/07/2011, 05:49

Ga this is for you

horlarlekanlawrence sent this on 28/04/2011, 18:06

Love is name and sex is game never play d game buntil wedn nite

ahmad sent this on 19/03/2011, 03:23

Fall in love is like blinking eyes

Korede sent this on 20/02/2011, 14:41

It is good to be with one girl

shinekay sent this on 01/02/2011, 09:53

please dont forget ther love is the cky dat hopen the door of your happnes.

lawal sent this on 28/12/2010, 07:23

It hard to find truly love but when you find it is very hand to miss it

lawal sent this on 28/12/2010, 07:20

I know love is just like feeling that people shall together to make one other happy

michael sent this on 09/11/2010, 01:59

It's hard to find someone whom you truly love, much less to find someone who loves you as much.

When the chance comes, don't ever let go

TIMMY NII RASTA sent this on 25/08/2010, 08:41


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